Our hot forging department manufactures in compliance with work orders and technical drawings by our experienced operators under the control of our quality control team. Most of the hot forging production consists of special fasteners. The raw materials, which are suitable for hot forging and all have certificates, are purchased as a bar. They are cut in certain type and diameters subject to the desired product quality, then they are heated with temperature controlled induction machines and forged. Afterwards, the thread rolling process is performed through the thread rolling method subject to gauges.

    In addition to hexagon and socket screws, countersunk head screw, flanged bolt, cylinder head, nibbed bolt, square head screw, T head screw, screwdriver-shaped, hammerhead, allen countersunk head, round head bolt, flat head, eyebolts, and various diameters and dimensions special types of fasteners and studs, threaded rods, j hooks, U bolts are produced by TKL brand mark. We are able to produce fasteners between Ø12 - Ø100 mm with hot forging production method. The molds of all the products manufactured in this department are designed and made by the experienced operators of our company in the molding department. In case of a special product demand, our technical staff plans the production in order to ensure the proper production method and mold design. Thereafter, this method is tested by running in the three-dimensional simulation program, then the production unit is directed when the appropriate method is decided.